At Ermoleve, we prioritize the production of our jewellery using top-notch plating techniques to ensure high quality while keeping prices affordable. Nevertheless, like any fashion jewellery, normal wear and tear can occur over time. To help you extend the life of your cherished pieces, we offer valuable tips and advice:

Store with Care:

  • Safeguard your jewellery by storing it in an Ermoleve dust bag or box when not in use. This simple step helps protect your pieces from external elements.
Regular Polishing:
  • Maintain the pristine condition of your jewellery by occasionally polishing it with a soft cloth. This gentle cleaning will enhance its appearance and longevity.
Avoid Sweat:
  • Minimize exposure to sweat, as it can expedite tarnishing and affect the overall quality of your jewellery. Wiping it dry after wearing can also help.
Be Mindful of Chemicals:
  • Refrain from allowing your jewellery to come into contact with chemicals or harsh substances such as hand cream and perfume. These can tarnish and deteriorate the plating, compromising its durability.

By following these tips, you'll not only preserve the quality of your jewellery but also ensure its lasting beauty and charm.

For any additional inquiries you may have regarding jewellery care, please contact us at: